The Yale-NUS Consulting Group strives to translate our knowledge and experiences into concrete solutions, moving from the library and laboratory towards the wider corporate and service sector. The Yale-NUS Consulting Group harnesses the pro-bono talent of the Yale-NUS College student body to provide valuable strategies and solutions to SMEs, social enterprises, and non-profits in Singapore.

Project Showcase

We've just completed a project for SoulGreen, an SME in the fruit juice market, to improve their social media advertising and to propose strategies to boost sales and market penetration. SoulGreen is currently looking to work with us on another project in consumer electronics for F&B vendors.

The consulting team from Yale-NUS were able to revive our social media. They presented us with a new online strategy and assisted us in a conceptual overhaul of our website, for which we would have normally paid thousands of dollars. We were very pleased with their commitment to our business and their smart solutions.
— Steven Ong, Director of SoulGreen